This Is My Life.

Alright.  I already have a few page views despite my lack of content, so I’ll satiate your obvious thirst to creep on my life with the following disclaimer:

I have no obligation to tell the truth.

That’s right.  Because this blog is public (which I’m fine with) I’ll very likely refrain from sharing the whole story of my life.  That’s subject to change of course, so we’ll see.

There are some topics which I will be more likely to speak about with honesty.  These will be general discussions of philosophy, people, life, music, etc. which do not involve me personally.  The more intimate parts of my life such as relationships, character flaws, family, etc. will likely have pieces missing.

That being said, my first real post will have to wait until I find it convenient (when more of my homework is complete).

Until then,

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