Music Part 2: Electronic

I’ve liked electronic music for as long as I can remember.  When I first started seriously listening to music (during middle school) I would often play music from the band Monolithic.  I’m not sure if he publishes by that name anymore; he is probably better known by the pseudonym Midihead.  That was a link to his website in case you were wondering.

While I have an appreciation for acoustic sound, electronic music has the advantage of freedom.  Yes, acoustic music can integrate techno effects, but nothing is comparable to the complete synthesized experience that electronic can provide.  This genre is often better about adding atmosphere and layers to music, two things that almost always help me to enjoy a song.  Synth has great options for chords, pads, and other ambient sounds that engulf me in a song.  Layers are more difficult to come by, but if done successfully, the overlapping of complementing vocals and instrumentals can add a lot of variety and excitement to music.

In the broad range of electronic, I have most appreciation for trance, progressive, dance, and synthpop.  I enjoy dubstep as well (particularly chillstep) and I do like when acoustic bands incorporate synth or vise versa.

While most of my electronic music comes from reasonably popular bands, I do enjoy the work David Bergeaud has done for Ratchet: Deadlocked.  At least I’m pretty sure he did the music for it.  I don’t often listen to video game music, but for this I’ll make an exception.  You can find a download link here.  If you feel guilty about not paying for it, buy the game, which includes all the music (and is quite good too).  At any rate, they don’t sell CDs.

As far as dancing goes, electronic music is the best for dancing.  At least it is the easiest for me to dance to.  One of the best sources of dance music is The Glitch Mob – the powerful bass and atmosphere combined with irregular beats and beautiful synths make for a great experience where it is difficult to keep still.  Unfortunately, I have yet to hear Glitch be played at a dance (I doubt they’d even play it if I requested it).

A few of my favorite electronic bands along with their best (or only) album or song that I have:

Midihead/Monolithic – Special Otakucon Edition (good luck finding this)
Zeta – “Gift” (my favorite song of all time; good luck finding this too though)
The Glitch Mob – Drink the Sea
Blue Stahli – Antisleep
David Bergeaud – Ratchet: Deadlocked OST
Daft Punk – Tron: Legacy OST
Blackmill – “Lucid Truth”
Owl City – “Vanilla Twilight”
Binärpilot – “Goof”
The Qemists – “Stompbox”
Teddybears – “Zero Gravity”


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