Music Part 6: Concerts

I have been to very few music concerts.  Nevertheless, I think I can comment on what I have observed from the few I have attended.

Probably the most notable concert I went to was performed by Lifehouse.  Previously I had not owned any Lifehouse music and only recognized a few songs they played from the radio. However, I must say I enjoyed the concert very much.  Besides the volume.  I always think that the volume could be lowered in music concerts, especially if the sound system is poor quality.  Music should be loud enough to pulse through your body, but not so loud it hurts your ears.  It’s fine balance, though I think that in general I tend to mind volume more than other people.

Besides Lifehouse, I’ve seen a tribute band cover a bunch of Pink Floyd songs rather well.  Other than that, the rest of my concert experience has been with bands who haven’t “made it” yet.  To name a few, I’ve seen the Brocks, Evicting Eden, Proving Ground, Eli Whitney, and Raven Watch (all of which are based around Provo).  I’ve found that going to concerts almost always makes you think better of the music being played.  You are more willing to forgive mistakes and poor sound quality when someone is performing live than when listening to an MP3 or CD (do people even have those anymore?)  I’ve gotten excited about quite a few of those startup indie bands before listening to their CDs.  While they might not have access to the best recording equipment/software, I think that if the sound suffers when it transfers to a recording, the band is not worth listening to outside of concerts.  If I’m going to pay for music, which I do, I want to be rewarded adequately.

Concerning prices – concerts are fun to go to, but unless I really like a band (I would name some but I would get carried away; just see my last few posts) I’m not sure it’s worth the cost.  If tickets sell for more than $20, my college sized wallet complains rather painfully.  Maybe I’ll become a concert junkie when I’m older (and somewhat richer).  That seems to be working out pretty well for my parents.  Unfortunately, by that time a lot of the bands I like might be disbanded or dead.  That’s what happens when you’re a fan of classic rock.

Despite my dislikes about concerts, I still enjoy attending them.  Additionally, it is one of my lifelong dreams to perform a concert (with original music) to a crowd of more than 10,000 people.  I think it would be really cool to be on stage with thousands of people who came and paid to appreciate your music firsthand.  The way my life is headed right now this is not likely to be a reality, but I won’t write off the possibility quite yet.

Right now?  Until I become either very rich or very famous, concerts are likely to take their place further back on the stage of my life’s priorities.


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