Because you obviously don’t already have enough ways to waste your time.

Wimp is actually wimp.com, which is a free video site.  Whoever owns it gets video submissions from users and picks the best ones to upload publicly.  All the videos are clean (essentially G rated) which is good news for my fellow Mormons and other people with high standards.

Most of the videos can fit into the categories below:

  • TED lectures
  • Cool science experiments/inventions/lectures
  • Stunts and tricks
  • Cats/dogs/other pets
  • Timelapse/videography
  • Musical performances
  • Pranks

While browsing on YouTube, probably on average about every 15th video you see is good, unless you’re only watching subscriptions you like.  With wimp.com, every other video is probably worth your time.  In my opinion.  Still not perfect, but a lot closer than otherwise.  Despite the fact that most can be rather easily categorized, there is still a lot of variety.  If you’re concerned about wasting your time only with high quality material, I would recommend starting with wimp.com.

I’ll end this rather short post with a couple of my favorites:
http://www.wimp.com/fireworkway/ (I can watch this over and over and over and laugh every time)
http://www.wimp.com/ewandobson/ (this song would still be pretty cool even if he wasn’t playing it solely using an acoustic guitar)

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