In case you were wondering about any of the links at the top of the page.

The first is the link to this blog’s home page.  It will take you to the home page.

Same with the About page, although you’ll probably find that one slightly more useful.  It provides basic background of me, which will may be helpful when contextualizing some of my writing.

The Writing link will direct you to my WritersCafe page, where I have several pieces of writing.  I started this page before I got a DeviantArt and realized that you could put writing there, but I kind of like the homely feel of this website as well.  Here you can find several of my short works of fiction as well as a few poems and philosophical essays.

The Deviations link goes to my DeviantArt.  There I have mostly photography, but also a few 3D images that I made in my Intro to 3D class.

Creator is the name of a band I kind of started.  When I make music I release it under that name.  This link will send you to the ReverbNation page for Creator.  I have yet to make any songs of legitimate value, so basically everything there should be free to listen to or download.

Brandimation is the blog I started to showcase my work for the Animation BFA.  I have since decided to switch majors, so this blog is subject to change its name, location, or possibly even state of existence.

The I’m a Mormon link sends you to my profile.  There you can find out more about my association with the Church as well as a few doctrinal questions I have answered.

So if you’re bored and I haven’t posted anything recently, go check out what I have on those other pages and tell me if you like it.


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