“Help is there, all you have to do is ask for it.” This is what one of the people in my old ward said after he helped me move out.  I hadn’t asked him or anyone else to assist me; he had seen me moving boxes and offered to aid me of his own accord. […]

Or how to write things good. Not really.  This post isn’t supposed to teach you how to write with good rhetoric, it is to stress the importance of having it.  Rather hypocritical, I know.  Maybe I’ll write another post that actually helps people later. I have always valued good rhetoric.  When I say rhetoric, I […]

And you wonder why we boys do it so much… I tell you why.  There are three main reasons that I show off; I don’t know if I speak for all other boys though. The first is to get attention.  Who doesn’t like attention?  I like attention so much, I am willing to do crazy […]

Sometimes, I feel emotions that have nothing to do with my environment.  I feel unconditionally and irrationally sad or happy or frustrated or afraid or excited.  Like right now. I took three tests today, two of which were finals, and didn’t do spectacularly on any of them. Because I spent the day studying by myself, […]

What is it? All too often I hear people say “You have good taste in music,” or “They don’t have very good taste.”  I’m pretty sure they really mean “I like the same music you do,” or “Their opinions are different from mine.” Can we really make a statement that essentially defines someone’s standing or […]

Or why I like storms. I think I have a rather different perception of weather than everyone else.  Most people I know, especially my mom, prefer the temperature outside to be around 72º with a cloudless sky and little wind.  If you’re wondering why I’m from Southern California, it’s because of the presence of good […]

The most admirable quality of a man is his self control. The most admirable quality of a woman is her honesty. Men and women are different from each other, so I’m going to judge them differently.  In each there are a number of traits such as friendliness, leadership capabilities, charity, and protectiveness, some which may […]

Because you obviously don’t already have enough ways to waste your time. Wimp is actually wimp.com, which is a free video site.  Whoever owns it gets video submissions from users and picks the best ones to upload publicly.  All the videos are clean (essentially G rated) which is good news for my fellow Mormons and […]

 I don’t care if that’s not a word. When I say “conservationalism,” I’m referring not only to the concern for welfare of natural plants and animals, but the conserving of all resources we, as humans, make use of. I get intrinsic satisfaction from conserving.  I remember recently my dad forced me to buy new shoes […]

But mostly introversion.  Why?  Because I am an introvert. I’ve become much more knowledgeable on this subject recently.  Assuming Wikipedia is a scholarly source, which it kind of is.  A friend of mine in high school actually did a report on the reliability of Wikipedia good enough to convince his English teacher to allow their […]