I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I’d like to address some of the confusion concerning my religion, especially as of late, in the area of our hospitality.  While my views don’t necessarily represent the official opinion and policy of the Church, I will do my very best to […]

It’s because of free speech that I can write this entry (and most everything else on this blog). I’m here to advocate for free speech of all kinds.  I want to see free speech I agree with and free speech that I don’t agree with.  I want people to talk, write, compose, protest, draw, sing, […]

I thought I’d give a few of my own thoughts on the matter. Before around September 2014 I never would have considered waiting for anyone.  After a rather interesting (but probably completely predictable) series of events, I will admit that’s it’s possible for a reasonable appeal for waiting to exist.   I still think you shouldn’t wait […]

Some people I encounter become more surprised than I would prefer when they are confronted with the following seeming impossibility: a) I am a pretty nice guy, and b) I am conservative. In order to avoid confusion, I will begin by defining “conservative.” conservative adjective holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, […]

“I’m sure…I just know I put it here…” Many times I am put into a situation where I need to make a decision based on what I did in the past; or, as it often appears, my “past self” did. I say this because in some of these instances I cannot fathom how my current […]

It seems that some people need some clarification as to what the following commonly used words mean: Homophobia “Homophobia” and “homophobic” today are usually used as derogatory terms, often it seems toward anyone who does not fully embrace the political ideology of the offender.  Etymologically the word originates from the Latin and Greek roots “homo-” […]

This article attempts to discuss the relationship between marriage and religion, as it has previously been asserted by many that there is none.  It also attempts to address how the intersection or religion and politics should be handled. The Significance of Traditional Marriage The most important reason traditional marriage should be upheld and defended is […]

Rather than start conversations with everyone I know about what I think and why I do, I decided to write about this topic in depth.  Hopefully this will answer common questions and concerns people have about what I believe. Injustice The first point I want to make clear concerns the injustice of the Supreme Court’s […]