2016 Presidential Election

I’ve been meaning to compose my thoughts on this matter for a while, but only recently was I inspired to put together something more substantial than a few thoughts bouncing around my head.

To be quite honest, I’ve lost my interest in politics over the years.  At first I thought the political sphere would be some kind of ideal environment where I could make my voice heard, learn about society’s problems, and find solutions or support people who dedicated their lives to doing so.  Instead I find that people get offended when I speak my mind, too many issues compete for my attention, and few are willing to make the sacrifices necessary for improving the world around us.  While I am still committed to contribute to my country because of my sense of duty, it is less motivating for me to do so.

Who will I vote for?

Unfortunately I feel it has come down to a process of elimination. Out of the candidates that have a reasonable chance of winning (who at this point appear to be Bernie, Hillary, Trump, Rubio, and Cruz) Bernie’s too progressive, Hillary has too many scandals, Trump deserves his own book about why he shouldn’t ever be the leader of anything, I liked Rubio until he started making off-color jokes about Trump, and I don’t know a lot about Cruz but our political views seem to line up and I haven’t heard too many bad things about him. Of course, I have to be careful because I haven’t researched too much (in my opinion; I’m probably still more informed than quite a few voters) so I may just be falling victim to the media.

The U.S. Government

The system of government we have worked very well for a long time and it’s still trying, but I feel like it’s been bogged down with a lot of vestigial laws that don’t really work with today’s world (like the Apple incident with an obscure law that is more than two centuries old). On the other hand I’m afraid that the current U.S. population is not suited to reform its government. The people are too selfish, naïve, and unwilling to learn, work, sacrifice, and contribute to the nation. At this point, I’m mostly holding out for the Second Coming. Surely if Trump gets elected it’ll be right around the corner.

I think the main problem is that people don’t want to elect a person who will be a good president, they want to elect someone who will do things exactly the way they want (or at least who professes to). The president America needs would never be elected with the current mentality of America’s citizens, and no one but God would be able to impose such leadership over the country (at least not without a lot of bloodshed and/or a nuclear holocaust).

Nevertheless, America still succeeds in many ways that other countries don’t, and I’m grateful that at least today I can enjoy freedom to exercise my religion, freedom to speak my mind, freedom to learn and study and pursue a career that matches my interests, and safety from most foreign and domestic threats.

The unreachable goal

This idea may merit its own blog post one day, but for now I’d at least like to touch on the perfect, unattainable ideal which while I believe someday will be implemented on the earth (during the Millennium).  I can’t depend on human ability to get us there, but I do have the hope that I will someday live under such a rule.  Whenever the current political situation looks hopeless, I remember that someday mere mortals will not have the final word on the laws of the land.

The ideal government really is a benevolent dictatorship. That is the government God employs. He knows everything, He makes all the rules, and He chooses when to enforce them. Of course, only a God has the power, love, and capacity to rule in such a way over more than just a few people, which is why the only practical benevolent dictatorship society has ever successfully integrated is that of parents ruling over their children.


Needless to say, hoping for a bright future won’t solve all the problems we face in the present.  However, while presidential elections are important, as are other national and international issues, the closer my involvement gets to home, the more of a daily impact it has on my life.

The greatest satisfaction I receive in life occurs in my own community and especially in my own family, and at least so far changes in government and policy haven’t affected me too negatively. I think it’s best to focus the majority of my energy on contributing to my immediate surroundings because those are the things that affect me most.

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