This is an about page.  Reading this will give you some context with which to relate some of my more specific writing.

My name is Brandon.  I’m a senior at Brigham Young University and a proud Latter-day Saint.  I’m currently a Computer Science major taking a few other interesting classes in music, writing, religion, and philosophy.  I considered pursuing post-graduate education but at this point I think I’m ready to just get a degree and leave the classic school system.  Perhaps I’ll work with others to start my own school, but until then I plan on teaching myself whatever I want to learn about.

Concerning my personality: I am an introvert.  I am extremely analytical and very sarcastic.  In fact I am so used to being sarcastic I may say things sarcastically as if speaking normally, which works to my benefit when people I’m insulting think I’m complimenting them.  I enjoy my own sense of humor and I hope at least a few others do as well.  I used to tell myself I like arguing, but I’ve since realized I really just like being right (which sometimes really sucks, especially if I’m wrong).  I’m creative when solving problems but I find it hard to visualize what things from my imagination will look like.  I do a lot of things that I think are weird.  I am very sheltered and often quiet, especially in large groups.  Despite this, I have barely any fear of public speaking and have proven more than once to overcome my quietude if others willingly give their attention to me or if a particularly painful logical fallacy has been made within my hearing range.

If you’re familiar with personality types (perhaps you may think of the names Plato, Myers-Briggs, and David Keirsey) then it will help you to know that I am an INTP.  More specifically, this means I am reserved (not very willing to display emotion or act expressively), abstract (concerned with intangible objects, crazy ideas, and thought over action), tough minded (assertive, stubborn, and proud), and indirect (passive aggressive, informative, subtle, and clever).  More or less.  Personalities are complicated.

This blog will be less of a journal of my life and more of a compilation of my beliefs and views on various topics organized into well written arguments.  I’m going to be as blunt and straightforward as I can be, so don’t be offended if I’m too honest.  If you want to reply, leave a comment!  My comment to page view ratio so far is worse than 1:5500.  So do it.

Most of the research on this blog is original (what I think and observe).  If I actually did do any research, it probably consisted of Google and Wikipedia.  In any case, I likely won’t cite any sources.  Sorry if that bothers you (not really).

If you are creeping on this blog, I won’t judge you.  I creep on other people’s blogs too.  If I know you at BYU, you have a blog, and you write well, then I might follow your blog.  (Translation: you’re even more free to comment.  I even turned off the ID requirement so you can comment anonymously.)

If you have any requests for topics you would like me to write about or follow up on, by all means let me know in the comments.  Or maybe you can message me somehow.  Or come up and talk to me if you see me walking around on campus.  Especially if you’re an idealist.  I like idealists.

All the best,


Ex malum, bonum.  Ex miseria, gaudium.  Deus stat summum aeternum.

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