I don’t care if that’s not a word. When I say “conservationalism,” I’m referring not only to the concern for welfare of natural plants and animals, but the conserving of all resources we, as humans, make use of. I get intrinsic satisfaction from conserving.  I remember recently my dad forced me to buy new shoes […]

But mostly introversion.  Why?  Because I am an introvert. I’ve become much more knowledgeable on this subject recently.  Assuming Wikipedia is a scholarly source, which it kind of is.  A friend of mine in high school actually did a report on the reliability of Wikipedia good enough to convince his English teacher to allow their […]

This post is about communication.  For some reason I get intrinsic satisfaction through stating the obvious. Communication is essential to life of all forms, especially those pursuing happiness.  Which is most life forms. Personally I believe that all of life’s problems (from relationship trouble to employment issues to war)  could be solved with effective communication. […]

I have been to very few music concerts.  Nevertheless, I think I can comment on what I have observed from the few I have attended. Probably the most notable concert I went to was performed by Lifehouse.  Previously I had not owned any Lifehouse music and only recognized a few songs they played from the […]

I’ve made music on my own in addition to listening to the work of others.  In fact, I love music so much, I was planning on majoring in music at BYU.  This plan fell apart when I realized I was headed for four years of music theory, conducting, history, and practicing of an instrument.  I’ve […]

If only people today knew how to make music like they did in the 80s. Okay, that’s not being completely fair, there’s a lot of good music out in the world today.  However, I seem to like a much higher percentage of music from the previous generation.  It’s possible that’s because I’m only exposed to […]

Believe it or not, there is a lot of modern music that I do like.  By modern, I mean anything produced in the past decade. If you are familiar at all with my music tastes, you will know that I generally do not listen to pop music.  That is true.  I have no idea why […]

I’ve liked electronic music for as long as I can remember.  When I first started seriously listening to music (during middle school) I would often play music from the band Monolithic.  I’m not sure if he publishes by that name anymore; he is probably better known by the pseudonym Midihead.  That was a link to […]

I don’t know how many parts there are going to be to the music series, but I know there will be more than one.  I’m choosing to talk about music first because it’s something I’m very open about, and I think it will be a good start for someone new blogging about their life. To […]

Alright.  I already have a few page views despite my lack of content, so I’ll satiate your obvious thirst to creep on my life with the following disclaimer: I have no obligation to tell the truth. That’s right.  Because this blog is public (which I’m fine with) I’ll very likely refrain from sharing the whole […]