In case you were wondering about any of the links at the top of the page. The first is the link to this blog’s home page.  It will take you to the home page. Same with the About page, although you’ll probably find that one slightly more useful.  It provides basic background of me, which […]

Because you obviously don’t already have enough ways to waste your time. Wimp is actually, which is a free video site.  Whoever owns it gets video submissions from users and picks the best ones to upload publicly.  All the videos are clean (essentially G rated) which is good news for my fellow Mormons and […]

I have been to very few music concerts.  Nevertheless, I think I can comment on what I have observed from the few I have attended. Probably the most notable concert I went to was performed by Lifehouse.  Previously I had not owned any Lifehouse music and only recognized a few songs they played from the […]

I’ve made music on my own in addition to listening to the work of others.  In fact, I love music so much, I was planning on majoring in music at BYU.  This plan fell apart when I realized I was headed for four years of music theory, conducting, history, and practicing of an instrument.  I’ve […]

If only people today knew how to make music like they did in the 80s. Okay, that’s not being completely fair, there’s a lot of good music out in the world today.  However, I seem to like a much higher percentage of music from the previous generation.  It’s possible that’s because I’m only exposed to […]

Believe it or not, there is a lot of modern music that I do like.  By modern, I mean anything produced in the past decade. If you are familiar at all with my music tastes, you will know that I generally do not listen to pop music.  That is true.  I have no idea why […]

I’ve liked electronic music for as long as I can remember.  When I first started seriously listening to music (during middle school) I would often play music from the band Monolithic.  I’m not sure if he publishes by that name anymore; he is probably better known by the pseudonym Midihead.  That was a link to […]

I don’t know how many parts there are going to be to the music series, but I know there will be more than one.  I’m choosing to talk about music first because it’s something I’m very open about, and I think it will be a good start for someone new blogging about their life. To […]

Alright.  I already have a few page views despite my lack of content, so I’ll satiate your obvious thirst to creep on my life with the following disclaimer: I have no obligation to tell the truth. That’s right.  Because this blog is public (which I’m fine with) I’ll very likely refrain from sharing the whole […]